Our organization provides the opportunity of learning and developing to those clients who want to perform in a more prepared and competent way. The range of our adult education services, our personality development courses complement the existing knowledge. Their goal is to help the participants be more confident and efficient in their everyday life.


Accredited and registered programs

Certified trainings

Lifelong learning is now the key of competitive knowledge-based economy, because the employers are searching for prepared and flexible employees. Our organization would like to help the clients in this continuous renewal with a wide range of accredited courses.

Accredited programs:

Leadership Skills (E-000335/2014/D001)


  • I. module: Leadership styles
  • II. module: Conflicts at the leading of a company
  • III. module: Communication for leaders
  • IV. module: Organisational culture – globalised leadership

Sales skills (PL - 6494)


  • I. module: Convincing and negotiating styles in the selling process  
  • II. module: Tools and methods of the convincing presentation
  • III. module: Conflict and complain-handling

Attainments in Human Resources Leadership educational program

(PL - 7171)

Attainments in Business Managemen – Finance for not financial professionals

Registered programs

  • Assertive communication
  • Business Communication
  • Conflict handling
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Negotiation management
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Efficient suppliers
  • Attitude and personality development (Self-recognition, EQ, creativity)
  • Project management
  • Stress management techniques
  • Team building
  • Time management
  • Coaching as a tool for team building and motivation
  • Strategic Communication (Professional negotiation, meeting management training)
  • Change and Crisis Management
  • Empowerment - Performance Management
  • Effective customer service - customer focus
  • Diversity – Managing intercultural differences
  • The manager’s assistant
  • The staff competency evaluation - Management Audit
  • Successful training organization - Talent Management
  • Presentation skills training
  • Successful sales
  • Professional sales (Sales management)
  • The successful leader
  • Performance appraisal systems - implementation and operation
  • Preliminary knowledge survey
  • Career guidance, career counseling correction
  • Training needs assessment and training advice
  • Employment consulting
  • Job Search Techniques
  • Other adult education services

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Partner of AIMS International in Hungary

Partner of AIMS International in Hungary

Our company has been a member of AIMS International (Association for International Management Search) since 1997