The management of a company is expected to take decisions on a daily basis that will have an influence on the operation of the company in the long run. With the help of the company simulation programme that we offer the decision-making skills of the management can be developed in a way, which has no negative consequences for the company, while at the same time providing valuable experience to the participants.

Business Decisions

Business Decisions - Company simulation training

(Certified trainings – E-000335/2014/D007)

Business Decisions

This training models a 10-year development of a company. The participants live through the different aspects of the whole business process: purchasing, production, stockpiling, sales, competition, financial problems (liquidity, credit, taxation, etc.) that appear in the daily operation of a company.

What does the programme offer to the participants?

  • Comprehensive knowledge of business management
  • Basic understanding of the financial aspects of a business
  • Practice of preparing financial plans, cash flows, budget forecasts
  • Experience in the relationship between the various functional units of a company
  • Strategic skills development
  • Practice in the field of preparing decisions and decision making
  • Development of leadership skills

Number of participants

The number of participants ranges between 12 and 24 (4-6 groups with 3-4 people in each group).

Form of the programme

Open training

Inner training
- at a date and place given by us
(You can ask about open trainings via

- in compliance with the requirements of the client
with the participation of the employees of a given company

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Partner of AIMS International in Hungary

Partner of AIMS International in Hungary

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