The major factors in the human side of an organisation fit together as the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. If there is a change in any of them, the whole system is affected. It depends on the parameters of the change whether the effect will be positive.

Organization development

Development Center

Assessment / Development Center

A Development Centre is methodologically similar to an Assessment Center. However, they do not represent two separate entities, but the two endpoints of a continuum. The main difference between them is that the goal of DC is development, while the goal of an AC is selection.

AC/DC – how we work with them

In the past twenty years we have continuously improved our methods to holisticly serve the demands of both changing labour conditions and our clients’ needs:

  • the behaviour-based definitions of the competencies prepare the framework for the process layed down by both the client and our consultants
  • the evaluation is similar to a regular work day
  • we prognose the future effectiveness based on daily performance
  • after a DC, we recommend individual and group development as well
  • we emphasize getting to know the complete person to enhance objectivity
  • we pay special attention in making the process acceptable to the participants

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Partner of AIMS International in Hungary

Partner of AIMS International in Hungary

Our company has been a member of AIMS International (Association for International Management Search) since 1997