During the selection process we use different tools for evaluating the candidates to check whether the experience, professional background and personality of the applicants meet the requirements


Search and selection of executives and professionals

Felsõ és középvezetõk, szakemberek keresése, kiválasztása

Direct search

This method is applied in the search and selection process of top and middle-level executives in order to find candidates who meet the requirements of our Clients. The search process not only entails nominating candidates for the position to be filled, but also finding the candidate who can be most successful when carrying out the position. Based on the requirement profile we search for candidates who are the most suitable for the position considering their professional experience and personal qualities.

Search through advertisements

We select our advertisements, in compliance with the requirement profile given by our Clients, in the most popular dailies, in various professional newspapers and at internet portals. The method to be applied – which is in all cases previously agreed with the Client – depends on the place of the position within the organisation and on the reason why the position should be filled. According to our experience, in certain cases, a combination of direct search and search through advertisements should be applied in the interest of finding the optimum balance between cost and time efficiency.

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Partner of AIMS International in Hungary

Partner of AIMS International in Hungary

Our company has been a member of AIMS International (Association for International Management Search) since 1997