Our partner

At SnT we are continously working on parntering with companies who believe in People-first organiational culture. Our Partners are following the latest trends and reflect employee needs in the compensation package and work environment, such as:

•  Competitive salary and benefits package
•  Opportunity to work on cutting-edge
   technologies and projects
•  Collaborative and supportive work environment
•  Career growth opportunities
•  Flexible working conditions

How to apply

If you are interested in this role and your experience matches the requirements then please send your english CV to simonyiestoth@sandt.hu email address with the subject „DevOps Engineer”.

DevOps Engineer

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced DevOps Engineer to join our team. The DevOps Engineer will be responsible for creating and maintaining the infrastructure for our software development, testing, and production environments. The ideal candidate will have experience with cloud-based infrastructure, containerization, automation, and monitoring. The DevOps Engineer will work closely with our software development team to ensure the reliable and efficient delivery of our applications.


  • Design, implement, and maintain our cloud-based infrastructure
  • Develop and maintain automated deployment pipelines using CI/CD tools
  • Containerize applications using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Automate infrastructure provisioning and configuration management using tools such as Ansible or Terraform
  • Implement and maintain monitoring and alerting solutions
  • Collaborate with development teams to ensure that applications are designed with scalability, reliability, and maintainability in mind
  • Troubleshoot production issues and provide support to the development team as needed
  • Develop and maintain documentation for infrastructure and deployment processes
  • Stay up to date with industry best practices and emerging technologies related to DevOps


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 3+ years of experience in a DevOps or related role
  • Experience with cloud-based infrastructure, preferably AWS or Azure
  • Strong scripting skills in languages such as Bash or Python
  • Experience with containerization using Docker and orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Experience with configuration management tools such as Ansible or Terraform
  • Knowledge of CI/CD tools such as Jenkins or GitLab CI
  • Experience with monitoring and alerting tools such as Prometheus and Grafana
  • Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills