Our mission is to contribute to our clients’ success and to promote the development and well-being of their colleagues.

Coaching is a partnership based cooperation; it is a creative and thought provoking process that inspires the client to maximize their potential both personally and professionally.

What can a coaching session give you?

Inspires, energizes, makes you think
Helps you understand a particular challenge
Helps you find new solutions
Move towards new directions

We provide coaching sessions on requested topics. Client and coach agree upon the goals during the first session.

Why us? How do we work?

Our professional, qualified coaches help you achieve your goals faster and more easily:

  • We work with a senior psychologist with decades of therapeutic experience; and a mental health counsellor and organizational development professional with over ten years of experience in a multinational environment.
  • The relationship between client and coach provides a safe and development-oriented environment.
  • The client decides on the topic of the coaching, based on multiple factors (personal needs and challenges, feedback from supervisors and assessments, requirements of their position, etc.). The client and the coach decide on specific goals.
  • The sessions enable the client to identify their potential and to develop their own solutions.

Our tools:*

– Psychodrama techniques, situational exercises
– Brief coaching, solution focused coaching
– Creative tools (use of objects, movement, symbols)
– Work based on assessment of relevant questionnairesa
– Tools of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Transactional analysis

*Our coach colleagues use different tools

What is/isn’t coaching

Coaching is…

A relationship between coach and client
The discovery of alternatives and possibilities, with a focus on solutions
A process, in which we aim for sustainable change

Coaching is NOT

A method to receive expert advice on what to do
Observation and passive learning from someone
 Instant help (which is rarely effective)