Competency Assessment

Our mission is to contribute to our clients’ success and to promote the development and well-being of their colleagues.

We offer a number of services to assess the competencies and the potential of your executives, future leaders, talents and experts:


We summarize the results for our clients in structured and unified reports.

Contents of the personalized written reports:

  • List of the assessed competencies
  • Used tools, methods
  • List of test results (points/categories/levels)
  • Indication of category/level, numerical and written evaluation for each competency
  • Strengths and potential for improvement
  • AC/DC: result diagram – visual representation of individual and group level results along the competencies.
  • Sociometry: role and weight of an individual within the company.

Development Center (DC)

Goal: measuring the competencies in line with business strategy and the relevant positions, based on prior competency benchmarking; mapping the strengths and improvement potentials of participants.

Content: individual and group situational exercises, individual tests.


  • A committee of at least four assessors, including experienced external consultants, assess participants;
  • Individual psychological tests
    • Personality test;
    • Leadership skills test;
    • Other tests based on the requirements of the position.
  • Comparable points
    • Differences of performance along different competencies;
    • Performance relative to other participants
  • After the DC the committee holds an assessors’ conference based on the numerical scores and individual observations.

Advantages of a DC:

  • High level of objectivity (Scoring on multiple dimensions/competencies);
  • Each competency is measured by more than one exercise.

Management audit, mapping

Provides a solution to assess a chosen group of leaders, using individual and group focused methods. The goal is to measure the participants’ suitability for their position through assessing their competencies, strengths, areas of improvement, and creating their personality profile.

Suggested methods for assessment

Interview with a consultant

Competency interview

Psychological interview

Psychological tests


Development Center