The task is to find the most suitable candidates -
- quickly, effectively and with discretion.

Step 0 in selection is finding candidates. We do not waste our clients’ time and resources. Our experience of over 25 years, and thousands of successful executives are guarantee that we find the most suitable candidates.

We predominantly work through direct search and occasionally with advertisements. In each case we agree on the method with our client.

The choice of method mostly depends on:

  • Type of position to be filled,
  • Level of the position,
  • Reason of the search,
  • Timeframe of the search.


We use this method during the selection of candidates for senior and middle management positions.

Based on the client’s requirements, we look for candidates that – judging from their professional experience and personality traits – are likely to be well fitted for the position. We do not just search for candidates, we look for the most suitable candidates.

Would you like to know how we select
the candidate most suitable for you?