Leadership- and soft skill development trainings

Our mission is to contribute to our clients’ success and to promote the development and well-being of their colleagues..


Focus on self-awareness, experiential learning, and analysis of personal cases

Are solution focused, with a supportive approach

Have a practical approach, with a focus on everyday use of learning material

Are tailored to the group or the individual

Offer a high level of professionalism, diverse and innovative methodology

We tailor our programs to our clients’ requirements. Our trainings are practice oriented, with numerous elements of experiential learning: we use elements of role play, drama techniques and solution focused tools.



Should I focus on the person or the task?
(Leadership styles)

“9-4 method”
–growth mindset with out of the box tools

3 to 1? 11 to 12?
– How is our culture of feedback?

Effective communication for middle management

Milk to our coffee… the solution focused tools of change management

Our everyday momentum (motivation 3.0)

I win, you win!
(effective representation of interests)

Would you like to recharge?
– from stress to finding our internal resources

Happiness and well-being for results?
At my workplace?
Solution focus and positive psychology in business

Quick training – a taste of self-development for busy teams

Goals of our innovative development tools

 Fostering innovation and change

Increasing work efficiency and effectiveness

Inspiring, developing, and keeping valuable colleagues

Building on the hidden potentials

Ensuring the long term development of the company