Organizational Development

Our mission is to contribute to our clients’ success and thus promote the development and well-being of their colleagues.

What kind of questions can we help you with?


How can we achieve our company’s vision and how far are we in doing so?

Who are the new generation of executives and experts? Who are the opinion leaders? Who are the key people for the growth of the company?

What are the most important factors of our cooperation? How committed are my colleagues? What would increase their motivation and performance?

What are the strengths and challenges of my team? What should I change and how?

What kind of selection process maximizes the chance of success for newly hired leaders and experts?


How can we change and improve, to achieve our vision?

What are the strengths/weaknesses of key colleagues/leaders? What are their levels in the company’s key competencies? Where should they improve the most?

How can we receive personal and group level support for our development, and for achieving change?

I wish to achieve change in my team in a certain field – what type of organizational development support do I need?

I want my colleagues to be independent / proactive / motivated / effective in influencing our partners / effective in managing change. What can I do?

We can help your company if:

You want an objective picture of the functioning of your company, and the skills and performance of your colleagues

You want to increase the commitment, motivation and efficiency of your colleagues

You require consultancy and a new viewpoint

You wish to develop your team in a certain field

 You wish to strengthen cooperation within your company

Interested in our services? We are glad if you contact us, to inquire about our services.