Selection process

Success is when talent meets opportunity.
Our job is to make this happen. We find the professional who fully meets your requirements.


1. Brief with client

Discussing search criteria – competencies, values, expected personality traits

2. Designing search strategy

Set up of dedicated project team – based on knowledge of market and sector

3. Determining target group, and suitable candidates

Designing candidate profile, based on criteria agreed upon with client

4. Contacting potential candidates (with an international reach)

Methods: direct search, internal database, online databases, networking, social media
International sourcing

5. Complex selection process

– Phone interview
– Personal interview with senior consultant
– Psychological interview to map professional competencies and personality
– Psychological test
– Assessment Center
– Assessment based on objective, professional criteria

6. Introduction of recommended candidates

With the lead of the senior consultant, the project team selects the candidates most suitable for the profile.
Execution of the client’s internal selection procedure.

7. Continuous contact with client and candidates.

Continuous communication with the client from the start of the project to the end.