Trainings eligible for EU funds

In today’s knowledge based society, lifelong learning has become the foundation of competitiveness. Employers are looking for well prepared and flexible workforce. We provide registered training programs to promote the development of your colleagues. Simonyi and Tóth Personnel Consultancy is an accredited adult education institution, under the registration 00260-2009. Our registered trainings can be financed by EU funds, and can be organized in open format or at your company.

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Leadership development

– Leadership skills (E-000335/2014/D001)

– The leader that develops (E-000335/2014/D002)

module number module name registration number
I.Module Managerial feedback E-000335/2014/D002/1.
II. Module Motivation and team building E-000335/2014/D002/2.
III. Module Developing colleagues E-000335/2014/D002/3.

– Leadership identity and communication (E-000335/2014/D004)

module number module name registration number
I. Module Leadership identity and self-awareness E-000335/2014/D004/1.
II. Module The foundations of leadership and assertive communication E-000335/2014/D004/2.
III. Module SStress- and conflict management for leaders E-000335/2014/D004/3.

– Leadership efficiency and change management (E-000335/2014/D005)

module number module name registration number
I. Module Increasing personal efficiency E-000335/2014/D005/1.
II. Module Change management E-000335/2014/D004/2.
III. Module Leading meetings E-000335/2014/D005/3.

HR training:

– ABC of job interviews, basic training (E-000335/2014/D007)
– Advanced job interview techniques (E-000335/2014/D006)
– HR training for HR Managers (E-000335/2014/D003)

Training in Business administration:

– Finance training for non-finance colleagues (E-000335/2014/D007)

Sales training:

– Sales and negotiation techniques training for sales staff (E-000335/2014/D008)

Application and further information:

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