From AIMS International Newsletter: Top 5 Recruitment Trends of 2021 Q2

Article written by Zineb Krafess, Researcher AIMS International  Morocco

In 2020, recruitment has been transformed, digitized and also modernized. During 2021, this trend will continue and get stronger, because yes, the health crisis is still not over.

After an unprecedented health crisis in 2020, recruitment trends have inevitably changed. The pandemic has marked a radical change in the way we live and work. New challenges have emerged in our global economy and companies have had to adapt and implement appropriate measures, for an effective workforce, also in their recruitment processes.


2021 continues to be a year of recovery and rebuilding for companies and employees. Let’s take a look at the top Talent Acquisition trends that dominate in 2021.

  1. Video interviewing becomes the norm

Companies that have continued to recruit despite the context have been forced to digitalize many of their recruitment processes.

The tools that have benefited from the digitalization of interviews are numerous: Zoom, Teams, Google Meet… It would seem that these tools are well on their way to becoming a permanent fixture in the daily life of HR.

  1. Soft skills become crucial

Soft skills are now a familiar term in the professional world. They refer to an individual’s personal skills.. For example; enthusiasm, empathy, oral fluency during an interview or team spirit.

Recruiters are becoming more and more sensitive to soft skills. Due to a constantly faster changing world, HR professionals will be looking for profiles capable of adapting to any type of situation. Some soft skills are currently highly sought after by recruiters:

  • Autonomy: After a busy year of telecommuting, recruiters need candidates who can demonstrate autonomy. 
  • The ability to adapt: In today’s changing environment, it is essential to be able to evolve and adapt quickly. Like autonomy, adaptability will be highly sought after by recruiters in 2021.
  1. Employer branding is becoming essential

Today more than ever, companies are banking on transparency and their values to attract the new generation. The young generation is increasingly looking for meaningful jobs in which they will be fulfilled and are very focused on a company’s project, values, mission, the working methods put in place to reach its objectives, etc.

The employer brand helps attract and retain employees, hence the importance of maintaining the company’s image through effective communication channels , especially on social networks. 

  1. Psychometric testing is gaining popularity

Since a new hire is now less likely to engage a face-to-face recruiter prior to onboarding due to the current health crisis, recruitment needs to effectively assess talent from a distance. This may explain the growing demand for psychometric testing as a standard recruitment tool (this can include tests to assess personality, motivation, cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence…)

As the professional world becomes more complicated, employers’ talent assessment methods have also become more complex. Using scientifically-based psychometric tests can save time for HR professionals and allow them to identify ideal candidates more quickly.

  1. Artificial intelligence continues to be democratized

Since the pandemic, companies have become increasingly aware of the positive impact of digital transformation on productivity. Artificial intelligence, which encompasses several concepts and computer technologies, has become the best ally for HR departments. Indeed, human resources continues to be a sector in the midst of a digital transformation.

Recruiters have understood that artificial intelligence tools can automate all or part of a recruitment process: writing job offers, sourcing, assessments, matching algorithms…

Since the advent of digital technology, HR processes have been optimized for efficiency and speed. Whether it’s through video, artificial intelligence or automation, we’re seeing new trends that simplify recruitment processes and make them more efficient. At the end of the day, however, the human touch remains crucial. Whether it is to understand and hire within the labour laws of a remote country worker, negotiating a market related salary and benefits or attracting passive talent for a very specialised position or unknown start-up office, AIMS International’s consultants can support you in every global region. 

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